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At Just Makes Cents, our professional accountants can provide you with a wide range of bookkeeping services in Brampton, which can be customized to suit your unique requirements. We specialize in bookkeeping services for small and medium sized businesses. Contact our Brampton accountants for more details.

I'm a Certified General Account (CGA) from Brampton that can handle all your bookkeeping needs. I operate in Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville and Etobicoke.

What is bookkeeping? According to Wikipedia it's the process of recording a company's financial transactions. But a bookkeeper and an accountant are not the same thing. The bookkeeper records the companies transactions and the accountant uses the information recorded by the bookkeeper to build reports that give the companies stakeholders a snapshot of how the company is doing. So it's essential for the bookkeeping to be as accurate as possible so that the accountant's reports can accurately reflect the companies books. If there are issues with the bookkeeping it will take the accountant longer to produce the reports that your business needs potentially increasing your accounting fees.

Why have your bookkeeping done by a CGA? Because anyone can "hang up a shingle" for bookkeeping. But what experience do they have? With a CGA you get someone that's had over 10 years of proven training consisting of both classroom and on the job experience in order to earn the initials CGA.

Bookkeeping Services

  • Can done either on or off site for businesses of all sizes
  • Bookkeeping in Quickbooks or Simply Accounting
  • Initial set up of accounting software
  • Completion of government forms (WSIB, Payroll, PST, GST & HST remittance)
  • Preparation of your records before it's sent to your accountant.

At Just Makes Cents, our experienced Brampton accountants will provide you with top-notch bookkeeping, corporate and personal tax services, tailored to suit your unique needs. We provide our accounting services across Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughn, Etobicoke and the greater GTA area.